Thomas Spremberg
Live Act

Artist: Thomas Spremberg

Passionate about music and the distinctive sounds of techno. His work is all about – how the electronic music heart works.

Thomas Spremberg

Revolution of the Heart

Thomas Spemberg’s release is out now! We are happy to announce his online release on our label Play. Stop. Rewind. Listen to Thomas Spremberg – Revolution of the Heart. The album is a massive wall of the finest deep, house, electro and available on: iTunes | Spotify | amazon  | DJ Shop | and  more.


 Thomas Spremberg – Fast Facts

Live Act

Rather than just playing tracks Thomas put together a best-of selection primed for the dance.

Electronic music

Thomas style is very diverse and includes genres such as: Techno, Minimal, Deep House and Goa

Tripping on love

Thomas is a natural born music lover and has ever spent any time without music being close to him.

 Make You Dance

He is our  boy …. Doesn’t waste anytime in getting G into belated party mode. Let it out!

Played Gigs

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You would like to book Thomas? Please get in touch with us, we look forward to seeing you!