Play. Stop. Rewind.

Electronic music record label

Play. Stop. Rewind. is an independent  music label with a focus on the full range of deeper electronic sounds.

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Deep House
Thomas Spremberg
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More Music

Producing techno music, DJ’ing at club nights and festivals provides me with new and exciting challenges. It’s fulfilling for me.

Thomas Spremberg

I’m passionate about music and the deep sounds of techno. And my work all is about – how the electronic music heart works.


I’ve an insatiable appetite for new sounds. So I started my  love affair with the bumping beats of electronic music.

Quentin Pierce

I am a „placeholder“. I love techno … but I’m more a groupie than a DJ. We’re looking for new artists. This could be your space 🙂

Digital Music distribution

We started to release and promote our music. Because we don't want to hold out for a contract from a record company.

Electronic Music

We are convinced that we are right in chasing our dream, our passion and our belief in electronic music. In the long run, it is our life.

Wanted: Artists

You are seeking for a opportunity to release your music? Please get in touch to join our group.

Wieso Englisch?

Als Label sind wir in der Bewerbungsphase mit internationalen Onlinevertrieben. Drück uns die Daumen 😉